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Gary DeClute
Executive Director & Founder

Email: gmdkopion@aol.com
Office: (630) 690 - 7819

About Gary: Gary played both basketball and baseball at Northern Illinois University and then Rockford College. Gary and his wife Jacqueline have 2 children and 5 grandchildren!

Jordan Stevens
Victory Preschool Director

Email: jordanstevens131@gmail.com
Office: (630) 690 - 7819

About Jordan:  Jordan is a Jack of all trades, with experience playing football, baseball and basketball. Jordan is also a talented musician. He is a huge Cubs, Bears and Bulls fan and lives in Wheaton with his wife Holly and their daughter Isla.

Joel Smith
Program Director

Email: jdomsmith12@yahoo.com
Office: (630) 690 - 7819

About Joel: